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This page contains the download button to get the Lead Generation Magic's Targeted Email Extractor and the video tutorial on how to set it up and use it! PLEASE NOTE: This software works on Microsoft Windows PCs and may not work on a MAC or other operating systems.

  1. Watch the Video Tutorial.

2. Download and Install Microsoft Net Framework 4.0
PLEASE NOTE: You will need to have Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 and above installed for the software to work. You can download it directly from Microsoft by clicking on the link below.

Microsoft Net Framework 4.0

3. Download Lead Generation Magic's Targeted Email Extractor HERE!

Important Message Please Read!

Your browser or internet security program may issue a warning about this download.

Please be assured that you are NOT downloading any malicious software. This software will not harm your computer and does not collect information about you or your computer.

Norton Users:

If you have a Norton virus protection installed in your computer, please know, that it might not let you extract and run this targeted email extractor software.

The challenge is totally a Norton screw up. Why? Because Norton thinks everything with an exe file is a threat, even though we know it is not.

The Solution: You can get around this by temporarily disabling Auto-Protect, when you extract and run the program or by setting permissions to allow it 

Our programmers, as well as many other companies, have tried to come up with a solution to the Norton challenges but the fault all lies with Norton returning false positives, as it bases its premise of a file being a virus on the popularity of downloads it may have.

Here is an article with help you see what we mean: